Seeking for Films with Better Quality

To make use of the high quality pre-cut data and the high-end techniques, the quality of the film itself is important. Especially in Japan, the standard for product quality is the highest in the world. We have placed strict controls on the production of this product and achieved stable and high quality, Japan-made films. As a result, problems such as foreign substances inside the film or irregularities of film surfaces from the manufacturing processes which can be found regularly in foreign products were solved. Not only does it grant a beautiful finish after installation, but the transparency, smoothness, and ease of installation are much better than the traditional films that were in the market. We are confident that our PPF will obtain global standards in quality in the future.

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Headlight ppf


Protects Your Car with Transparent Films

Your car would get scratches by various factors. UNIGLOBE Paint Protection Film is a revolutionary film that protects a car body from these scratches. Even when scratch marks appear on the surface, there will be no marks left on the actual painted surface if you have installed the film to the car body. This will be the standard way to protect a car in the future. You can install the film on about 30 parts of a car according to the intended purpose. A fluorine coating on the surface of QUATECT NANO keeps contaminants off; washing the car is the only maintenance needed. This film achieved the beautiful water repellency brought by fluorine coat. In addition, it has a self-healing property so small scratches can be eliminated by itself.

  • Without QUATECT NANO
  • Beautiful water repellency provided by fluorine coating


The high-grade film “QUATECT”, one of the UNIGLOBE PPF films with special self-healing property at normal temperatures, was upgraded and improved its quality even more.

  • POINT1  Improved Transparency and Smoothness
  • POINT2  Improved Anti-fouling Property
  • POINT3  Improved Initial Adhesive Force of the Glue

We reviewed the self-healing coat layer on the film surface and improved the transparency, smoothness, and quality after installation while keeping its self-healing property at normal temperatures, which other companies’ products do not have. The problem of the slight yellowish color found with the previous product on a white car body was solved, and the new one achieved the greater transparency. Besides, the anti-fouling property of the coating layer has been dramatically improved as well, and it reduces the adhesion of dirt after a long period of use. When it comes to installation, the new glue improves the initial adhesive force while the distinctive high flexibility of the film is kept so that you can install the film even on complex curved areas more smoothly.

The fundamental element of this product is that it inherits the quality of the standard UNIGLOBE PPF PREMIUM, but with value-added property that the scratches on the film can be eliminated under normal temperatures. The paint protection film is a sacrificial layer on the car which protects it against damage, so it is natural that the film itself gets contaminated or scratched. By applying a coat of DURAVEIL on the film surface, the anti-fouling property of the film can be improved, but there were not many effective ways to deal with this problem. UNIGLOBE PPF QUATECT is a new value-added product which solved the problem with unique anti-scratching treatment on the film surface.

Self-restoring properties that work under normal temperatures have been added

Foreign products with anti-scratching properties tended to be difficult to install on complicated parts since the film got hard because of the treatment, or heat was needed to remove the scratches on the film. However, by starting from revising the materials, we have successfully developed the scratch-resistant resin specially suited for paint protection films so that it will not lose its flexibility as polyurethane material. So, in addition to the protective performance and ease of installation, self-restoring properties that work under normal temperatures have been added. UNIGLOBE PPF QUATECT is the first Japan-made PPF that has these properties.


First we scratched the film surface with a brass brush and tested how the film heals itself from the scratches.>

  • Scratch the film surface

  • Start

  • 15 seconds later

  • 30 seconds later

  • Wipe gently with a cloth

  • Small scratches will disappear in about 30 seconds.


Product Features
UNIGLOBE PPF PREMIUM is a high quality film with stable quality and performance, while reducing the problems such as unstable adhesive quality or foreign substances inside the film. Since we successfully suppressed the generation of defective films to less than 0.5%, the auto detailers can work without anxiety. The transparency and gloss are maintained to the top level, and it provides a truly beautiful finish.


High Ease of Installation
Re-installation of the film due to installation failure made working time longer, which also led to high cost of installation. We have paid attention to this problem and focused on research and development of the product. As a result, we have succeeded in reducing the generation of marks and streaks during installation process which is a problem that traditional films tend to have. The adhesive power has risen 30% more than the traditional films as well.

UNIGLOBE PPF PREMIUM is the first Japan-made PPF with top class quality and ease of work for the auto detailers.

Ease of work for the auto detailers.