UNIGLOBE supports the oversea professional auto detailers who would like to develop the business of PPF.
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UNIGLOBE® Pattern Cloud System

PCS is an online service of delivering the pattern data of paint protection films and window films for different car models and it is provided to members only. Regardless of time and place, you can access to the pattern data of each car model freely by 22,000JPY* per month if you have internet access.

The Birth of Pattern Cloud System (PCS): Cutting Films in a Speedy Way at Your Shops

“Pre-cutting” of the film according to the shapes of parts is necessary for installing paint protection film. Even though you may order the pre-cut film through the Web Order System, it could be inconvenient as it is time-consuming and not productive. Hence, we decided to make the pre-cut data available online and let our clients to produce and use the films at their shops without delay. As a result, our original web system “Pattern Cloud System” (PCS) was released. PCS provides a user-friendly interface together with customized functions to its users. With access to the Internet and the cutting plotter, the users could have the data they required at anytime and cut the films at the same time. The database is being updated at all times, and so the latest pre-cut data is always available for the users.

Image of Pattern Cloud Systeml cutting films in a speedy way at your shops

Anyone is able to use it as professional knowledge is not required.

With access to the internet, PCS can be launched easily anytime. What you need to do is just to download a customized browser. It can be used immediately without complicated settings. Simple operation means software expertise is not necessary. All the operations are done by using your computer’s mouse.

Image of Pattern Cloud Systeml Anyone is able to use it as professional knowledge is not required.

Simple operation and diversified functions

The details of a specified car model can be recalled from the pull-down menu at the top page. In the details page, you can simply cut the required parts by dragging the parts to the cutting area. The size and the sorting of pattern data can be customized in order to fully utilize the film. Moreover, the shortcuts to each function enable a higher efficiency for the experienced users.

Image of Pattern Cloud Systeml Simple operation and diversified functions
  • Image of [List of part numbers]
    ■ List of part numbers
    By clicking the data, the color of the selected part in the list will change and so it is easy to know which part you are currently dealing with.
  • Image of Pattern Cloud Systeml Simple operation and diversified functions [Enlargement and reduction]
    ■ Enlargement and reduction
    Enlarge and reduce functions are available similar to using other regular software. Sizes can be adjusted accurately by inputting numbers.
  • Image of [Wrapping function]
    ■ Wrapping function
    Use this function when you want to produce the wrapping part of the film. We have set the wrapping part in advance, and thus you can make the sticking margin part by just one button.
  • Image of [Offset]
    ■ Offset
    Use this function when you need to expand the outer length of the pattern data, Since the ratio is fixed, accurate adjustments for auto windows film, etc. can be executed.
  • Image of [Cost analysis]
    ■ Cost analysis
    By inputting the prices of purchased films beforehand, costs of each pre-cut film can be calculated based on the cost of film per m2.

System Usage Fee

1-month contract fee: 22,000 JPY
about 158.65 USD (exchange rate at July 21, 2022)

6-month contract fee: 121,000 JPY
about 872.58 USD (exchange rate at July 21, 2022)

1-year contract fee: 220,000 JPY
about 1,586.50 USD (exchange rate at July 21, 2022)

1 week of free trial period is also available. Please contact us for details.

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Establishing and Providing the Film Installation Techniques

You need to understand that PPF has different features than window films before installing it. However, learning about PPF from scratch yourself may be inefficient and may affect profit making. We believe that delivering the practical installation techniques and information based on our experiences to the customers will lead to the development of PPF, and so we offer the training programs. The instructor learned the techniques from the basics at a training program in the US and further developed his skills in Japan, and he has experience installing PPF on hundreds of cars. He will teach you basic techniques of installation of PPF in an accurate and practical way.

You may receive the training at our training center or we may arrange our professional trainer to visit you directly. Please feel free to contact us.

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International support team

Our international trading team will respond to your enquiries promptly and help you in solving problems efficiently. What we do is not only just supply the products, but also give advices on the sales strategy that matches your country and assist importation as well. Besides, as there is many experienced professional staffs in our company, we are also able to support you in the technical aspect. Our strength is that we can assist you in both business and technical aspects.

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